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Paper plate spider web

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

This is a quick Halloween craft in which kids get to watch what happens as marble roll around on the paper plate and make cool patterns. This technique is also fun when you use a variety of paint colors. Besides Halloween, this craft could be used with the movie or book Charlotte’s Web.

What You Need: sturdy, white, high-rimmed paper plate (such as Chinet), black tempera paint, 4 to 6 marbles, plastic spider ring.
spider web plate supplies

How You Make It: Apply many tiny (1/8″ or so) dots of black paint scattered around the paper plate. (Adult might need to do this for the youngest kids.) Child places marbles in plate and gently rolls them around to create web-like designs. Once dry, place or glue spider ring in plate. You can cut off the ring part if you’d like.

spider web plate

Safety Alert: Marbles can pose a choking hazard. Only do this craft with children who are developmentally ready to play with small objects.

Paper plate fish with bingo ink daubers

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

You can buy felt-topped ink daubers especially made for kid crafts, or you can do what we did: Borrow Gram’s bingo daubers!

What You Need: Two thin paper plates (we used 6″), craft or bingo daubers, large googly eye, glue
paper plate fish craft

How You Make It: You can use the daubers before or after you cut and assemble the paper plate parts. Cut fins out of one paper plate and glue to other paper plate as shown, or however you’d like. Cut out triangle “mouth.” Glue on googly eye.

paper plate fish