FAQ for Site

How is www.FreePreschoolCrafts.com different from other craft Web sites and publications?
Our site is constantly updated with new crafts, and we are proud to present each project with clear instructions and photographs. At www.FreePreschoolCrafts.com you’ll find clear, full-color photos of every project. Our directions are complete, and our well-organized archives can be searched by theme, materials used and other “tags.” All of our projects are simple, affordable and fun, with most of them using basic craft supplies or recycled household items. Some are “classics” you may have forgotten about, while others are all-new. When it seems to fit, we also include suggestions on age-appropriate books to read as a “tie-in” to each craft.

We post new craft projects twice a week (on Mondays and Thursdays). This means you can count on www.FreePreschoolCrafts.com to bring you fresh ideas that keep you coming back again and again for your home, classroom and day care craft needs. Watch for holiday-themed crafts to be posted beginning at least a week prior to the event, as well as unscheduled bonus project posts on holidays and “just because.”

Also, we don’t post any craft until we (Alec and/or his mom) have tried it first. This step by www.FreePreschoolCrafts.com saves you and your kids frustration and waste.

Will I need a lot of specialized, expensive supplies?
No! All of the projects at www.FreePreschoolCrafts.com are designed to use recycled materials and inexpensive craft supplies you may already have on hand. The “extras” (i.e. acrylic spray to seal projects) can be added to your “craft pantry” as your budget and shopping time allows.

What if I don’t have the basic supplies yet?
We can help with this, too! Why run all over town spending money on supplies pre-packaged in quantities larger than you need? www.FreePreschoolCrafts.com offers Supply Packs containing high-quality basic supplies from brand names such as Westrim and Darice. Among the materials included in each kit are such staples as: pipe cleaners, googly eyes and clothes pins.


Our supply packs come in Family, Small Group and Classroom sizes and start at just $15.

To see what’s included the packs and to order, visit our craft Supply Packs page.
What is the skill level of the projects at www.FreePreschoolCrafts.com?
The craft projects on this site are designed to be completed, with some adult assistance, by children ages 2 to 6. Please use your own knowledge of the children in your care to determine readiness for a particular project, and be especially mindful of safety issues.

Above all, don’t get so wrapped up in how the craft “should” be done that you forget to have fun. At www.FreePreschoolCrafts.com it’s all about enjoying the process!

Have you tested these crafts?
Yes! At www.FreePreschoolCrafts.com we don’t want you (or your kids) to feel frustrated or disappointed by any project. If you see a craft posted on this site, that means it’s been completed by resident preschooler Alec and/or his mom. We exclude any crafts that don’t come together the way we’d like them to. (For proof, and a laugh, see our Goofs Gallery COMING SOON)

What If I Need to Download a Template?
All of the projects at www.FreePreschoolCrafts.com can be completed with the information and photos provided free on the Web site. For projects that require a template, the free printable template is provided as a downloadable PDF film.

I have a project idea. May I submit it to www.FreePreschoolCrafts.com?
Please do! E-mail your project idea, including details (such as where you found it, if not original to you) to info@FreePreschoolCrafts.com. We’ll enter you in our monthly drawing for great prizes such as supply packs, project kits and gift cards. By submitting an idea to www.FreePreschoolCrafts.com you grant us unlimited permission to use it.

Why don’t you have any projects about ________?
Thanks for the idea! Www.FreePreschoolCrafts.com launched in late April 2007. Our ultimate goal is to not only provide a full range of craft projects for preschool-age children, but to create a community in which parents, teachers and care providers can share ideas with one another through this site. It will take us some time for www.FreePreschoolCrafts.com to grow to our full potential, so please bear with us. You can help by submitting project ideas via e-mail to info@freepreschoolcrafts.com.

How do I search the site?
You can use the search box function to search the archives by keyword at www.FreePreschoolCrafts.com. You can also search by post category since each project is “tagged” by holiday, season and supplies used.