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Paper Plate Dreamcatcher

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Combine this fun project of making a dreamcatcher with a lesson on Native American culture. Kids can hang this dream catcher over their bed. Be sure to set out plenty of different yarns, beads, feathers and markers so children will have creative choices.


paper plate dreamcatcher

What You Need: 1 white paper plate, yarn, feathers, beads, hole punch, scissors.

How to Make It: Cut out center of paper plate and recycle or set aside for another project. Draw on plate with markers. Use hole punch to punch 10 to 12 holes about half an inch from the outer edge of the plate. Weave yarn through the holes so it forms a web pattern. String some beads as you are weaving. Cut three smaller lengths of yarn, string beads on them, and tie a feather to the end of each one. Tie each of these to the bottom of the plate. Tie another piece of yarn at the top of the dreamcatcher to hang it. Younger children may need help with scissors and knot-tying.

Straw, heart and yarn necklace

Monday, July 16th, 2007

What You Need: yarn, plastic craft “straws” (or cut up drinking straws), construction paper, heart punch (not shown) or just draw hearts and cut them out.
straw and heart necklace supplies
How You Make It: Punch two holes at top of each heart. String hearts and straw beads on yarn and tie. That’s it!
straw and heart necklace

Easy Bead Coaster for Father’s Day

Monday, June 11th, 2007

What You Need: Pony beads, white glue, shallow lid (we used a frosting lid).
supplies to make bead coaster for Father’s Day
How You Make It: Fill inside of lid with a layer of glue. Pour in beads. Move beads around so they are close together, adding more beads until you have a solid surface of beads. Let dry overnight (glue will dry clear).
bead coaster for Father’s Day