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Straw bead and heart necklace

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Valentine’s Day heart necklace
Preschools can string these heart necklaces quickly and easily, and then present them to Mom for a Valentine’s Day gift.
What You Need: Red or red-and-white striped straw or straw beads; foam hearts; red yarn; hole punch.
How to Make It: If manufactured straw beads are unavailable, adult should precut short lengths of straw as well as punch hole near top of each foam heart. Set out supplies for preschoolers to string as they wish. Help child tie knot to make necklace or bracelet.

Pipe cleaner bell bracelet

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Within just a few minutes, your preschoolers will be off jingling these fun Christmas bracelets made from bells and a bumpy pipe cleaner. You could adapt this project to make rings or necklaces, too!
bell bracelet
What You Need: Bumpy-style chenille stem (pipe cleaner); four gold or silver bells.
How to Make It: Thread bells though pipe cleaner, stopping in between the fluffiest parts. Adult may want to help twist pipe cleaner around bells to better secure them. Twist ends together to form bracelet.

Dinosaur pasta bracelet

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Preschoolers will need some help with these dinosaur bracelets, which make great holiday gifts, if you can get the kids to part with theirs. Better make extras!
Dinosaur pasta bracelet
What You Need: dinosaur shaped pasta; liquid food coloring; zip-close plastic bags; plastic lace (such as Rexlace); metal jump rings (found in jewelry aisle of craft stores).
How to Make It: Separate dinosaurs equally into zip-close plastic bags. Add food coloring and a bit of water and shake to coat pasta (kids love sorting the dino shapes and shaking the bags). Let pasta dry on newspapers, stirring occasionally so they don’t stick. Once dry (adult job), carefully pry open jump rings (in a sideways motion; don’t spread them apart), thread through dinosaur and carefully close back together. String as many dinos as you’d like on plastic lace and tie to secure. (An easier alternative: Don’t use jump rings; just string dinos on lace.)

Zipper bracelet with “jewels” and fabric paint

Monday, August 6th, 2007

There are plenty of possibilities for this zipper bracelet craft. Preschoolers can use fabric paint to create design and add jewels, sequins or whatever else you have on hand to set out for them. We used two small safety pins to connect the ends of the bracelet in Alec’s size. You may want to use safer Velcro or snaps.

What You Need: 7″ zipper (depending on size of child’s wrist), “jewels,” fabric paint, small safety pins, Velcro or snaps to secure.

zipper bracelet supplies
How You Make It: Child decorates zipper in fun, creative ways. Allow fabric paint to dry. Place zipper around child’s wrist to measure and secure ends.

zipper bracelet

Straw, heart and yarn necklace

Monday, July 16th, 2007

What You Need: yarn, plastic craft “straws” (or cut up drinking straws), construction paper, heart punch (not shown) or just draw hearts and cut them out.
straw and heart necklace supplies
How You Make It: Punch two holes at top of each heart. String hearts and straw beads on yarn and tie. That’s it!
straw and heart necklace