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Play dough coaster with rocks and shells

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Play dough coaster with rocks and shells
Alec, now 3, got the supplies to make this coaster, trivet or wall hanging at a birthday party. The dough was in a zip-close bag to keep it from drying out. This would be a great affordable activity for preschool, day care or any party, as well as an at-home activity.
What You Need: Purchased or homemade play dough (we love the recipes at; any size disposable plastic drink cup lid; assorted small rocks and shells (purchased or collect your own.)
How to Make It: Spread play dough into lid. Then, children press rocks and shells into the dough however they’d like. Let dry and pull off the lid. Depending on how “even” the top is, you now have a great coaster or a decorative hanging!