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Barnyard Animal Bookends

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Farm animal bookends

Farm animal bookends

Each child will end up with a completely different set of bookends when they pick their favorite farm animals in this easy barnyard bookends craft. Be sure to have a large assortment of animals on hand!

What You Need: 2 wood blocks (sanded, or older children can sand their own); 8 craft sticks; wood glue or another stong but safe glue (supervise children carefully); acrylic paints; brushes; assorted plastic farm animals and accessories.

How to Make It: Paint wood blocks green for grass (or yellow for hay, or any color they’d like!). Paint craft sticks white or brown. Let dry. Glue sticks into fence shape as shown. Let dry. Glue to wood block. Repeat for other bookend. Arrange animals in barnyard scene and adhere with glue.