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Barnyard Animal Bookends

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Farm animal bookends

Farm animal bookends

Each child will end up with a completely different set of bookends when they pick their favorite farm animals in this easy barnyard bookends craft. Be sure to have a large assortment of animals on hand!

What You Need: 2 wood blocks (sanded, or older children can sand their own); 8 craft sticks; wood glue or another stong but safe glue (supervise children carefully); acrylic paints; brushes; assorted plastic farm animals and accessories.

How to Make It: Paint wood blocks green for grass (or yellow for hay, or any color they’d like!). Paint craft sticks white or brown. Let dry. Glue sticks into fence shape as shown. Let dry. Glue to wood block. Repeat for other bookend. Arrange animals in barnyard scene and adhere with glue.

Paper plate lion mask

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009
Paper plate lion

Paper plate lion

Dessert-size paper plates are the perfect size to make masks for little preschool faces. Don’t limit kids to lions; set out a variety of supplies (yarn, paint, etc.) and let their creativity go wild.

What You Need: dessert-size paper plate; yellow crepe paper; black marker; 3 orange pipe cleaners; transparent tape; scissors.

How to Make It: First adult must cut out triangles for eyes and nose and cut pipe cleaners in half. Cut crepe paper into eight strips about 5 inches long. Tape to back (curved size) of paper plate. Draw around eye holes with black marker. Tape three pipe cleaners to each side for whiskers.

Painted Animal Cracker Pin

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

What You Need: animal crackers, acrylic paints, small paintbrush, self-adhesive pin back, acrylic lacquer spray.
Animal Cracker Pin Preschool Craft Supplies
How You Make It: Paint your animals! Let paint dry and then seal by spraying acrylic lacquer on all surfaces. Once that’s dry, adhere pin back to back of animal cracker to make a great lapel pin gift for Mother’s Day or another occasion.
Animal Cracker Pin Preschool Craft
“We Tried It” Tip: Be sure to spray the acrylic lacquer on all surfaces of the painted animal cracker, or it will crumble and the pin back won’t stick to the back.
Suggested storybook: Where the Wild Things Are by Maurie Sendak.