Painted Animal Cracker Pin

What You Need: animal crackers, acrylic paints, small paintbrush, self-adhesive pin back, acrylic lacquer spray.
Animal Cracker Pin Preschool Craft Supplies
How You Make It: Paint your animals! Let paint dry and then seal by spraying acrylic lacquer on all surfaces. Once that’s dry, adhere pin back to back of animal cracker to make a great lapel pin gift for Mother’s Day or another occasion.
Animal Cracker Pin Preschool Craft
“We Tried It” Tip: Be sure to spray the acrylic lacquer on all surfaces of the painted animal cracker, or it will crumble and the pin back won’t stick to the back.
Suggested storybook: Where the Wild Things Are by Maurie Sendak.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this idea. I’m going to do it with my preschool class as a Mother’s Day Gift.

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