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Easter toy capsule craft

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Save the plastic capsules from those gumball machine toys. They’re great for crafts such as these cute toy capsules. You can fill them with candy or just stuff them with cotton or crumpled tissue paper.
What You Need: Toy capsule, cotton balls or batting, candy, felt or construction paper or craft foam, pom poms, googly eyes, scissors, glue or adhesive “glue dots.”

How to Make It: Stick cotton or candy (but not cotton candy) inside capsule and secure lid. Kids can then creatively decorate them using supplies you set out. Glue takes awhile to set on slick plastic; I used sticky glue dots instead.

Bunny handprint

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

These little bunnies are so cute, and a great way to preserve the memory of a child’s little hand. My son was only 2 years old when I launched and used him as my model. Now he’s 8 years old, and here’s his hand as a bunny!
What You Need: Pink construction paper, white acrylic or other non-toxic paint, paintbrush, googly eyes, pom pom, glue, scissors, marker.

How to Make It: Paint child’s hand and have him or her press it against the paper with fingers spread apart as shown. Let dry. Cut out around hand and fingers so that fingers look like bunny years. Glue on eyes and nose and draw whiskers and mouth.

Lollipop Valentine butterfly craft

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Valentine Tootsie Pop butterfly

Valentine Tootsie Pop butterfly

These easy-to-make butterfly hearts form the perfect classroom Valentine once a Tootsie Pop is added. I’ve seen several variations of this idea on Pinterest. You could help a preschooler write a message on the butterfly, or even around its edges. Have fun!

What You Need: Red and pink cardstock (it’s sturdier than construction paper; look for Valentine paper packs at chain retailers such as Michael’s); foam hearts (some are glittery!); Tootsie Pop (I sprung for the Valentine’s Day variety); 2 googly eyes; black marker; scissors; glue.

How to Make It: Pre-trace folded wings for children to cut out. You could just provide the red wings and have kids practice their scissor skills by cutting glued-on pink wings a little larger. Glue eyes to lollipop and draw smile. Adult should cut two slits to stick the Tootsie Pop through. Decorate wings with foam hearts, messages, and more!

Valentine owl craft

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Valentine owl craft

Valentine owl craft

“Hoo loves you?” This easy-to-make owl. Let preschoolers write or draw their own message on the owl’s white, paper plate belly.

What You Need: Dessert size paper plate; red and pink construction paper or cardstock; 2 red foam hearts; heart-shaped punch (or just use a third foam heart); 2 large googly eyes; black pen; glue; scissors.

How to Make It: Pre-trace a long half-heart shape for the wings and two wide heart shapes (pink slightly smaller than red) for the children to cut out and unfold. Cut apart long wings and place one on either side of the paper plate body. Glue pink heart inside red heart and glue head to body. Add eyes and punched heart beak. Stick on foam hearts for feet. Have child right name or add a message to white plate.

Valentine butterfly toilet paper tube craft

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Butterfly TP tube craft

Butterfly TP tube craft

This pink and red butterfly is a fun Valentine’s Day craft for preschoolers. They’ll love decorating the wings. You can give them a head-start by cutting out the wings ahead of time.

What You Need: 1 toilet paper tube; red and pink construction paper or cardstock (I used cardstock); 1 white pipe cleaner; 2 googly eyes; foam hearts; scissors; glue; black marker; pencil; tape.

How to Make It: Fold red cardstock in half and draw half of a wing shape. Cut and open to reveal wings. Cut pink cardstock the length and width of a toilet paper tube and adhere around the tube using glue or tape. Adult should cut pipe cleaner in half and help child roll ends around a pencil for curly antennae. Tape inside toilet paper tube body. Glue on eyes and draw mouth. Glue or tape wings to back of body and decorate with foam hearts, markers, or any way you’d like.