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St. Patrick’s Day pot of gold craft

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Pot of Gold craft

Pot of Gold craft

My son was at the local gymnastics place for a party last night and the kids did a pot of gold craft in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day. However, my son was excitedly anticipating running and playing, so his pot of gold is a little under-done. Plus, he ate the gold. Still, a fun craft!

What You Need: small Styrofoam bowl; black paint; black pipe cleaner; shamrock stickers; candy or gold coin chocolates; paintbrush.

How to Make It: Use end of paintbrush or other tool (safety first!) to poke two holes in sides of foam bowl and insert pipe cleaner for handle. Paint pot black. Let dry. Add shamrock stickers.

Styrofoam turkey or placecard craft

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

These cute turkeys can double as Thanksgiving place cards!
Styrofoam turkey
What You Need: Styrofoam ball; brown tempera paint; feathers (with stiff quills; they’re a little more expensive); wooden “spoon” (sold in the craft aisle, or with your ice cream); 2 googly eyes; red cardstock; office brad; paint brush; scissors; glue.
How You Make It: Paint turkey brown. (Note: It takes awhile to dry. Try setting it on a cup and rotating it from time to time.) Glue googly eyes to top of spoon. Cut wattle from red cardstock (we used a heart-shaped punch) and glue below eyes. Poke spoon “head” into ball about one-third of the way. Poke feathers into styrofoam for plume. You can use an office brad to attach the Styrofoam ball to a piece of cardstock; then write a guest’s name on the cardstock. If you’d rather, an adult can cut off the bottom of the ball so the turkey can sit on its own.