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Pinecone turkey

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Here’s a fun Thanksgiving project made with things you can find in nature!
Pinecone turkey
What You Need: Pinecone; 2 acorn tops; 2 googly eyes (optional); scraps of orange and red cardstock or construction paper; 6 to 8 feathers (dyed or natural); scissors; glue.
How You Make It: Use glue to stick feathers in back of upright pinecone. Glue on 2 acorn caps for eyes (they should slide right over the pinecone parts). Add googly eyes. Cut out orange triangle for beak and red wattle shape and glue on.

Pinecone mouse craft

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

What You Need: Pinecone, white or black yarn, white or black felt, glue and/or “Glue Dots,” 2 googly eyes, pink or black pompom for nose, scissors, pencil.
supplies to make pinecone mouse
How You Make It: Trace ear shapes on white felt twice and cut out. Use liquid glue to adhere ears to top of pinecone. Glue on eyes and nose. Cut length of yarn and adhere at back of mouse for tail.
pinecone mouse
“We tried it” tip: If your pinecone is not very “dense,” it could be hard to adhere the googly eyes. You could use Glue Dots or a similar gooey adhesive.