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Leprechaun trap

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Little kids love trying to “trap” a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day. Let them embrace their imagination by setting out supplies for a creative trap-building project.
What You Need: Shoebox, foil, construction paper, scissors, tape, and any other supplies you have on hand. Green glitter and shamrock stickers would be especially fun. You’ll also need a stick of some sort to prop the trap open to catch the leprechaun, if the child wants that style of trap.

How to Make It: Help child cut a hole in the shoe box. Then, let him or her go wild decorating the box with foil, paper, and other stuff. Let the child imagine what would entice a leprechaun and set it inside the trap. Maybe some Lucky Charms cereal? Then, set the trap and wait! (An adult may wish to make sure a leprechaun happens by to spring the trap and leave a little treat.)

Footprint ghosts for Halloween

Monday, September 24th, 2007

This is a quick, fun craft for preschoolers, and as a bonus you preserve their little feet at that age. Be sure to use washable tempera paint for easy cleanup.
What You Need: black construction paper; white washable tempera paint; black tempera paint; small paintbrush.
ghost footprint supplies
How You Make It: Set construction paper on floor. Paint child’s feet white. Have child stand on paper, keeping feet still. Then lift up child. If paper sticks, pull it straight off so it doesn’t smear. Wash feet. Once paint dries, use paintbrush to add eyes and mouth to ghost. You could also use googly eyes.

ghost footprint