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Lollipop and tissue paper ghost

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

This one is definitely a classic! These little ghosts come together quickly and make for a great treat on Halloween. You could also make them using Kleenex-type tissue and yarn.
What You Need: two same-size squares of white tissue paper, a lollipop, black marker and black ribbon
lollipop ghost supplies
How You Make It: Stack tissue paper together, wrap around lollipop and tie with ribbon. (Preschoolers can practice bow-tying skills or a knot would be fine.) Use marker to add eyes.

lollipop ghost

Make a fairy wand or magic star wand

Monday, July 30th, 2007

Here’s a beautiful fairy wand craft that can also be made with boys using non-pastel tissue paper as a star-topped magic wand. Perfect for Harry Potter time!

What You Need: two cardboard stars (trace free printable template provided here); chipboard or thin cardboard; scissors; scraps of pink, dark pink and white tissue paper; white and pink crepe paper; white or silver glitter; white glue; thin wooden dowel; pink acrylic or tempera paint.

fairy wand craft supplies
How You Make It: Paint dowel pink and let dry. Trace stars onto chipboard twice and cut out. Cut thin strips of crepe paper. Spread glue all over one side of each star and glue crepe paper to bottom edge of one star. Press both stars together with dowel in the middle and let dry (help preschooler hold together until secure or place under heavy object). Glue tissue paper pieces all over the star. Cover with layer of glue, like a decoupage project. Sprinkle glitter over still-wet glue. Let dry. Ta-da! It’s like magic.

fairy wand craft