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Paper plate bird

Saturday, February 28th, 2009
Paper plate bird

Paper plate bird

Let kids explore their creativity and create an entire flock of birds using paper plates, pipe cleaners, cardstock scraps and paper punches. I saw this idea in Woman’s World magazine.

What You Need: 1 sturdy, colored paper plate (we used dessert size);  1 or 2 pipe cleaners; cardstock scraps; paper punches; googly eye; glue and/or tape.

How to Make It: Cut paper plate in half and then cut one of the halves into three triangles. Use scissors to make “fringe” for tailfeathers and wing. Tape pipe cleaners (however long you’d like your bird’s legs and neck to be) as shown. Bend them if you want, for crooked neck or legs. Tape paper plate triangle to top of neck and add beak cut from cardstock. Glue on plastic eye. Cut feet and tape to legs. Punch out shapes and glue to body.

Valentine’s Day dog

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Valentine’s Day dog
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this sweetheart of a dog. The littlest preschoolers may need help with the pipe cleaners and affixing the heart “head,” but remember: Enjoy the process!
What You Need: 1 straw; 2 red pipe cleaners; 1 large pink foam heart; 2 small red foam hearts; red pom pom; 2 googly eyes; glue (foam glue works best); scissors; cellophane tape.
How to Make It: Glue small red hearts overlapping behind large pink heart so it looks like dog ears and a head. Glue pom pom nose and 2 googly eyes. Set aside to dry. Cut straw (adult job) however long you’d like your dog’s body to be (ours is 6 inches). Insert one pipe cleaner through the straw and curl one end for a tail and bend the other end up and then forward for the dog’s neck and head. Cut second pipe cleaner in half (adult job) and twist each over the first pipe cleaner and bend at ends to form feet. Use tape to affix head to pipe cleaner.

Clothespin caterpillar clips

Monday, January 14th, 2008

caterpillar chip clip or paperweight
These cute caterpillars make great gifts, and can be used as chip clips, paperweights and a variety of other uses. Kids love picking out the colors for these little guys.
What You Need: Clothespin; 4 decorative rock gems; pipe cleaner; googly eyes; scissors; glue (If kid-safe glue doesn’t hold as well as you’d like, adult may want to try a hot glue gun.)
How to Make It: Select decorative rocks to attach to clothespin. Glue 2 googly eyes to the one in front. Cut (adult job) small section of pipe cleaner. Slip pipe cleaner between first and second rock and secure with drop of glue. Let dry.

Pipe cleaner bell bracelet

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Within just a few minutes, your preschoolers will be off jingling these fun Christmas bracelets made from bells and a bumpy pipe cleaner. You could adapt this project to make rings or necklaces, too!
bell bracelet
What You Need: Bumpy-style chenille stem (pipe cleaner); four gold or silver bells.
How to Make It: Thread bells though pipe cleaner, stopping in between the fluffiest parts. Adult may want to help twist pipe cleaner around bells to better secure them. Twist ends together to form bracelet.