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Valentine butterfly toilet paper tube craft

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Butterfly TP tube craft

Butterfly TP tube craft

This pink and red butterfly is a fun Valentine’s Day craft for preschoolers. They’ll love decorating the wings. You can give them a head-start by cutting out the wings ahead of time.

What You Need: 1 toilet paper tube; red and pink construction paper or cardstock (I used cardstock); 1 white pipe cleaner; 2 googly eyes; foam hearts; scissors; glue; black marker; pencil; tape.

How to Make It: Fold red cardstock in half and draw half of a wing shape. Cut and open to reveal wings. Cut pink cardstock the length and width of a toilet paper tube and adhere around the tube using glue or tape. Adult should cut pipe cleaner in half and help child roll ends around a pencil for curly antennae. Tape inside toilet paper tube body. Glue on eyes and draw mouth. Glue or tape wings to back of body and decorate with foam hearts, markers, or any way you’d like.

Bookworm bookmark

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Worm bookmark

Worm bookmark

Kids can practice their cutting skills while making a cute gift: this easy bookmark shaped like a worm or caterpillar.

What You Need: Craft foam in bright colors; medium pompom; short length of pipe cleaner; 2 small pompoms; durable circle punch or quarter (to trace around); foam glue; scissors.

How to Make It: Punch out circles, or trace around a quarter with pencil and cut out the circles (littler kids may need some help with this). Glue circles together, overlapping slightly. Glue medium pompom to top circle. Cut 2 approximately 1-inch lengths of pipe cleaner for antennae and glue behind top circle. Glue small pompoms to ends of pipe cleaners. Optional; add googly eyes.

Popsicle stick Valentine’s Day butterfly

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Popsicle stick butterfly
Preschoolers can present their love bug with this cute butterfly on Valentine’s Day. It’s quick and fun, and can double as a bookmark.
What You Need: Popsicle stick (craft stick); 2 medium foam heats and 2 small foam hearts; 2 googly eyes; glue (foam glue works best).
How to Make It: Glue small hearts inside larger one and then glue to Popsicle stick, overlapping slightly. Glue on 2 googly eyes.

Straw bead and heart necklace

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Valentine’s Day heart necklace
Preschools can string these heart necklaces quickly and easily, and then present them to Mom for a Valentine’s Day gift.
What You Need: Red or red-and-white striped straw or straw beads; foam hearts; red yarn; hole punch.
How to Make It: If manufactured straw beads are unavailable, adult should precut short lengths of straw as well as punch hole near top of each foam heart. Set out supplies for preschoolers to string as they wish. Help child tie knot to make necklace or bracelet.

Valentine’s Day dog

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Valentine’s Day dog
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this sweetheart of a dog. The littlest preschoolers may need help with the pipe cleaners and affixing the heart “head,” but remember: Enjoy the process!
What You Need: 1 straw; 2 red pipe cleaners; 1 large pink foam heart; 2 small red foam hearts; red pom pom; 2 googly eyes; glue (foam glue works best); scissors; cellophane tape.
How to Make It: Glue small red hearts overlapping behind large pink heart so it looks like dog ears and a head. Glue pom pom nose and 2 googly eyes. Set aside to dry. Cut straw (adult job) however long you’d like your dog’s body to be (ours is 6 inches). Insert one pipe cleaner through the straw and curl one end for a tail and bend the other end up and then forward for the dog’s neck and head. Cut second pipe cleaner in half (adult job) and twist each over the first pipe cleaner and bend at ends to form feet. Use tape to affix head to pipe cleaner.