Leprechaun trap

Little kids love trying to “trap” a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day. Let them embrace their imagination by setting out supplies for a creative trap-building project.
What You Need: Shoebox, foil, construction paper, scissors, tape, and any other supplies you have on hand. Green glitter and shamrock stickers would be especially fun. You’ll also need a stick of some sort to prop the trap open to catch the leprechaun, if the child wants that style of trap.

How to Make It: Help child cut a hole in the shoe box. Then, let him or her go wild decorating the box with foil, paper, and other stuff. Let the child imagine what would entice a leprechaun and set it inside the trap. Maybe some Lucky Charms cereal? Then, set the trap and wait! (An adult may wish to make sure a leprechaun happens by to spring the trap and leave a little treat.)

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