Lollipop Valentine butterfly craft

Valentine Tootsie Pop butterfly

Valentine Tootsie Pop butterfly

These easy-to-make butterfly hearts form the perfect classroom Valentine once a Tootsie Pop is added. I’ve seen several variations of this idea on Pinterest. You could help a preschooler write a message on the butterfly, or even around its edges. Have fun!

What You Need: Red and pink cardstock (it’s sturdier than construction paper; look for Valentine paper packs at chain retailers such as Michael’s); foam hearts (some are glittery!); Tootsie Pop (I sprung for the Valentine’s Day variety); 2 googly eyes; black marker; scissors; glue.

How to Make It: Pre-trace folded wings for children to cut out. You could just provide the red wings and have kids practice their scissor skills by cutting glued-on pink wings a little larger. Glue eyes to lollipop and draw smile. Adult should cut two slits to stick the Tootsie Pop through. Decorate wings with foam hearts, messages, and more!

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