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Paper bag Easter bunny

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Easter bunny paper bag
Here’s a quick, fun craft that doubles as a treat holder!
What You Need: 1 paper lunch bag; scissors; yarn; 2 pom poms or cotton balls; black marker; pencil.
How to Make It: Adult uses pencil to draw ear cut-out shape on front and back sides of lunch bag and cut along lines. Use yarn to tie ears together. Child decorates bag with marker and pom poms.

Egg carton bunny basket

Friday, March 14th, 2008

egg carton Easter basket
Cut just right, an egg carton cup ends up with perfect “ears” for a tiny bunny Easter basket!
What You Need: egg carton section; scissors; white paint; pink paint; 2 googly eyes; pink pom pom; glue.
How to Make It: Adult cuts egg carton section apart, leaving 2 edges intact in shape of bunny ears. Child paints bunny. After paint dries, glue on eyes and pom pom nose. Fill with candy!