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Jack o Lantern lollipops

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Jack-o-lantern lollypop

Jack-o-lantern lollypop

One of the crafty moms in my son’s class helped the kids make these cute lollipop jack-o-lanterns at the Halloween party. The kids enjoyed wrapped up the treat and creating their own “face” on the pretend pumpkin. A group of these would make a great centerpiece.

What You Need: Small lollipop (Dum-Dum size); square of orange tissue paper large enough to wrap around the candy; pinking shears or zigzig scissors; length of green pipe cleaner; black marker; pencil.

How to Make It: Pre-cut tissue paper with pinking shears for the kids. Wrap tissue paper around centered lollipop. Twist pipe cleaner around base of candy to secure tissue. Wrap ends of pipe cleaner around a pencil for curled vine effect. Add jack-o-lantern face with marker.

Tie Dyed Jack-o-lantern T-shirt

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Jack-o-Lantern shirt craft

Jack-o-Lantern shirt craft

My son tie-dyed this cool Halloween shirt at drop-in day care, and I finished it off by adding the jack-o-lantern faces to the round “pumpkins.” It’s definitely a team project!

What You Need: White T-shirt in your child’s size; orange fabric dye; rubber bands; black permanent marker (such as Sharpie).

How to Make It: Prepare dye as instructed on package. Help child section off portions of the shirt and wrap rubber bands around these sections multiple times. Dye shirt according to package directions. Wash shirt by itself in cold water using laundry detergent. Dry it by itself. Once dry, use permanent marker to draw jack-o-lanterns. (The jack-o-lantern faces would be super-cute if drawn by the child, but my kid wasn’t into it on this day!)

Pumpkin head craft

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

This is a craft where preschoolers can really use their imaginations. Set out a bunch of ideas with which to dress up pumpkins: yarn, felt, markers, etc. The best part is, each child will come up with something different.
Pumpkin head craft
What You Need: mini pumpkin; feathers; acorn tops (or whatever you’d like); glue
How You Make It: Set pumpkin on its side so the stem becomes the nose. Add acorn eyes, feather hair or anything else. The only limit is supplies and a preschool imagination!