Tie Dyed Jack-o-lantern T-shirt

Jack-o-Lantern shirt craft

Jack-o-Lantern shirt craft

My son tie-dyed this cool Halloween shirt at drop-in day care, and I finished it off by adding the jack-o-lantern faces to the round “pumpkins.” It’s definitely a team project!

What You Need: White T-shirt in your child’s size; orange fabric dye; rubber bands; black permanent marker (such as Sharpie).

How to Make It: Prepare dye as instructed on package. Help child section off portions of the shirt and wrap rubber bands around these sections multiple times. Dye shirt according to package directions. Wash shirt by itself in cold water using laundry detergent. Dry it by itself. Once dry, use permanent marker to draw jack-o-lanterns. (The jack-o-lantern faces would be super-cute if drawn by the child, but my kid wasn’t into it on this day!)

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