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Baby Food Jar Candle Holder for Mother’s Day

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

What You Need: baby food jar, colored tissue paper, scissors, paint brush,white glue, ribbon, votive candle.
Tissue Paper Jar Candle supplies
How You Make It: Pre-cut 4 or 5 colors of tissue paper (or supervise preschooler with safety scissors) to about 1″ in size. Water down some white glue. Apply glue to baby food jar. Place tissue paper over glue. Paint over tissue paper to secure. Once dry, tie neck of jar with pretty ribbon and insert votive candle for Mom.
Tissue Paper Jar Candle for Mother’s Day
“We tried it” tip: Paint the glue over the tissue paper gently, or the paper may tear. If it tears, just peel it off or go with the wrinkled look!
Suggested Storybook: I Like Noisy Mom Likes Quiet: A Mother’s Day Story

Mother’s Day Dried Flower Necklace

Monday, May 7th, 2007

What You Need: scissors, 1/8″ hole punch, laminating or “Contact” paper, ball chain, small flower, time (a day or two to dry the flower).
Mother’s Day flower necklace supplies
How You Make It: Pick some tiny flowers and dry them between paper towels in a heavy book for a day or two. Lay one piece of Contact paper sticky-side up on a flat surface. Gently place flower onto Contact paper. Cover with another, similarly sized piece of Contact paper. Press to remove air bubbles. Trim to shape of flower, leaving at least half an inch space around the flower. Punch hole near top. Thread ball chain through hole.
Flower Necklace for Mother’s Day
“We Tried It” tip: Dry more flowers than you need, as some may crumble or not look that great.
Suggested storybook: Biscuit Loves Mother’s Day

Painted Animal Cracker Pin

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

What You Need: animal crackers, acrylic paints, small paintbrush, self-adhesive pin back, acrylic lacquer spray.
Animal Cracker Pin Preschool Craft Supplies
How You Make It: Paint your animals! Let paint dry and then seal by spraying acrylic lacquer on all surfaces. Once that’s dry, adhere pin back to back of animal cracker to make a great lapel pin gift for Mother’s Day or another occasion.
Animal Cracker Pin Preschool Craft
“We Tried It” Tip: Be sure to spray the acrylic lacquer on all surfaces of the painted animal cracker, or it will crumble and the pin back won’t stick to the back.
Suggested storybook: Where the Wild Things Are by Maurie Sendak.