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Paper plate turkey

Monday, October 29th, 2007

What You Need: Paper plate; assorted feathers; scrap of red construction paper; 2 googly eyes; scissors; glue or tape.
Turkey plate with feathers
How You Make It: Cut inward from bottom of plate in two places about 2″ apart angled inward but not connecting (adult job). Fold in half and upward to form turkey head. Glue or staple feathers to top of paper plate. Cut out wattle shape from red construction paper and glue on. Glue on googly eyes.

Pinecone turkey

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Here’s a fun Thanksgiving project made with things you can find in nature!
Pinecone turkey
What You Need: Pinecone; 2 acorn tops; 2 googly eyes (optional); scraps of orange and red cardstock or construction paper; 6 to 8 feathers (dyed or natural); scissors; glue.
How You Make It: Use glue to stick feathers in back of upright pinecone. Glue on 2 acorn caps for eyes (they should slide right over the pinecone parts). Add googly eyes. Cut out orange triangle for beak and red wattle shape and glue on.

Clothespin and muffin paper turkey

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Make a bunch of these cute clothespin turkeys for a holiday party. You can even use them to mark guests’ places at Thanksgiving dinner!
Clothespin and muffin paper turkey
What You Need: Flat clothespin; two small googly eyes; muffin (cupcake) pan paper liner; red, orange and yellow markers; scraps of red and orange cardstock or construction paper; glue; scissors.
How You Make It: Fold muffin paper in half with light side facing out. Color to look like turkey feathers, or however you’d like. Glue two eyes near top of clothespin front. Cut out orange triangle for beak and glue on front of clothespin. Punch out heart from red paper or just cut a wattle shape and glue on. Glue clothespin onto muffin paper.

Turkey spoon for Thanksgiving

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Plastic spoons turn into turkeys for this fun craft. Preschoolers will have fun picking out the feathers and sticking them to the spoon. Place one in a flower pot and you have a great centerpiece for the classroom or on Thanksgiving Day!
Turkey spoon for Thanksgiving
What You Need: Plastic spoon; assorted feathers; scrap of red cardstock or construction paper; heart punch for waddle (or just cut out waddle shape); scrap of orange cardstock or construction paper for beak; two googly eyes; scissors; glue; transparent tape.
How You Make It: Using glue or tape, stick assorted feathers into the hollow of the spoon. Use heart-shaped punch to make waddle from red paper or just cut out a shape (doesn’t have to be perfect!). Cut orange triangle for beak. Glue waddle, beak and googly eyes onto curved part of spoon.