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Toilet paper tube octopus

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

This octopus is really quick and a fun craft for preschoolers. If you don’t have sequins or googly eyes, just draw them on.
What You Need: toilet paper tube, tempera paint, scissors, paintbrush, black marker, glue, 2 googly eyes, eight sequins.
octopus toilet paper tube preschool craft supplies
How You Make It: Cut about 2/3 up one end of the toilet paper tube, eight times, evenly spaced. “Roll” octopus arms upward one at a time. Paint octopus, including inside top of tube, and let dry. Adhere googly eyes. Draw mouth with black marker. Glue one sequin to underside of each “arm.”
octopus toilet paper tube preschool craft
Suggested Storybook: We’ll Paint the Octopus Red