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Plastic grocery bag ghost

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

These are fun for a whole class to make. You can hang the ghosts from the ceiling, or just let the preschoolers run around with the ghosts “flying” behind them. At home, hang them around your porch.

What You Need: two plastic grocery bags; white or clear lid (such as from whipped topping or oatmeal container); two white pipe cleaners; scissors; black construction paper; glue; stapler; cellophane tape; hole punch; yarn.
Plastic grocery bag ghost
How You Make It: Cut off the bag handles as well as any writing or logos on each bag. Cut 1- to 2-inch strips from the top of bag to about 1 inch from the bottom of the bag. (Do this with both bags). Fold white pipe cleaner into seam of one bag and secure with staples. Do the same with the other bag. Now, bend each pipe cleaner/bag into a semi-circle and insert into inside rim of lid and secure with tape. Do the same with the other pipe cleaner/bag. (They will overlap a bit.) Glue on construction paper ovals for ghost eyes. Punch hole in lid and hang from yarn. Spooky!

Plastic grocery bag ghost completed
Safety Alert: Plastic bags are a suffocation hazard. Please observe children closely when making this craft.