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Coffee filter shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day

Saturday, March 14th, 2009
Coffee filter shamrock

Coffee filter shamrock

Preschoolers can experiment with how colors blend (“Yellow and blue makes green!”) as well as have fun squirting water and watching the coffee filter absorb the dye on this St. Patrick’s Day clover.

What You Need: 1 coffee filter; scissors; yellow and blue liquid food coloring; squirt bottle with water; small paintbrushes.

How to Make It: Put down several layers of newspaper or paper towels. Adult precuts shamrock shape on coffee filter (You can trace one and cut several layers at once). Provide children with yellow and blue liquid food coloring, slightly diluted. Children can use small paintbrushes, cotton swabs or eye droppers to combine yellow and blue dye on coffee filter. Once the child is satisfied with the result, allow him or her to squirt the coffee filter and watch the colors combine to make green as the coffee filter gets wet. Let shamrock dry.

Coffee Filter Butterfly

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

What You Need: coffee filter, wooden clothespin, tempera paint, paintbrush, two small googly eyes, glue, pipe cleaner, water-soluable markers, spray bottle of water.
Supplies to make coffee filter butterfly
How You Make It: Use markers to color on coffee filter. Place newspaper or paper towel underneath colored filter and spray thoroughly with water, causing colors to run together in pretty patterns. While it’s drying, paint clothespin. Once clothespin is dry, glue two googly eyes near top of short end. “Pinch” coffee filter into fan shape and clip securely into clothespin. Wrap half of a pipe cleaner around clothespin for antennae.
coffee filter butterfly completed
Suggested storybook: Butterfly Kisses