Plastic cup spider for Halloween

Imagine a classroom full of these spiders jiggling and dangling at Halloween time, or during a preschool theme about spiders and bugs!

What You Need: disposable plastic cup, scissors, black marker, yarn.
Plastic cup spider for Halloween

How You Make It: Using scissor points or other pointy tool, adult pokes small hole in bottom of plastic cup. Child makes spider legs by making 12 cuts from the top of the cup to about 1 inch from the bottom of the cup. (remember: Enjoy the Process! Precision isn’t a big deal.) For the eyes, cut two of the “legs” off at about 1 inch. Fold eyes upward and add eyeball using black marker. Opposite the eyes, cut off the back two “legs” so you are left with eight legs. Fold legs downward at the crease. Now, hang your wiggly spider with a knotted strand of yarn.

plastic cup spider

“We tried it” tip: Because this craft involves the cutting of a fairly thick cup, it might be best-suited to older preschoolers with more-developed motor skills and experience with scissors.
Suggested storybook:The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

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