Easter bunny from small paper plates

Paper plate bunny

Paper plate bunny

Two dessert-sized paper plates are just the right size for little hands. Let preschoolers decorate their bunny however they’d like.

What you Need: 2 dessert-sized paper plates; 2 cotton balls; small pink pom pom; 2 googly eyes;  black marker; pink crayon; scissors; glue; small piece of scrap cardstock or construction paper (for bow).

How to Make It: Cut one of the paper plates in half and color in with pink crayon on the inner part of each plate. Glue to back of other plate to form ears. Glue cotton balls and pink pom pom to center of other plate for muzzle and nose. Glue on eyes. Color in mouth with pink crayon. Cut out tie shape from cardstock and glue on.

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