Coffee filter turkey craft

turkey craft

Coffee filter turkey

This Thanksgiving turkey is easy to make with a coffee filter and some construction paper. I was going to spray on the food coloring, but we couldn’t find my spray bottle and just dripped some on instead. You could also moisten the coffee filter and draw on it with water-based markers such as those by Crayola.

What You Need: 1 coffee filter; food coloring (or markers, etc.); brown, red, and orange construction paper; two googly eyes; scissors; glue.

How to Make It: Drip or spray food coloring onto wet coffee filter. Or, use markers. Set aside to dry on a paper towel. Cut turkey shape (kind of like a peanut) from brown construction paper. Cut out and add orange beak and red wattle. Glue on googly eyes. Once coffee filter feathers are dry, glue turkey body to it.

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