Paper plate Christmas angel

This craft is perfect for a Sunday school activity, Christmas decor or wherever you’d like a see a preschooler-created angel.
paper plate angel
What You Need: 1 1/2 small (“dessert” sized) paper plates; scrap of construction paper in skin tone of choice; blue (or other color!) tempera paint; circle punch (or just use scissors); silver glitter; 1/2 silver pipe cleaner; black marker; white glue; scissors; tape; stapler (optional).
How To Make It: Paint plates blue and let dry. Staple plate into a cone shape (adult job) or use tape. Punch head from construction paper and draw on face. Glue head to top of cone. Cut half-plate into two, creating wings. Glue or staple to back of cone body. Squeeze glue along bottom of dress and ends of wings, or just dip in a tray of glue. Then dip in or sprinkle on glitter. Bend pipe cleaner into halo shape and tape to back of dress.
Suggested Book: The Littlest Angel by Charles Tazewell

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